Terms of Sale

How long does custom take? Standard shipping in the US is included in these estimates

Adult formalwear: 8 or more weeks
Veils:  3 weeks, 4 weeks for diamond white tulle
Bridal Accessories:  3 weeks
Nursery Sets:  4 or more weeks, depends on the number of items
Baby Slings:  3 weeks
Christening Gowns:  4 weeks average, some require more time
Christening Dresses and Suits:  3 weeks
Costumes:  8 weeks
If your payment is returned, your item will not be shipped.

Express or International Shipping
Additional fees apply. Express orders are not refundable.

We reserve the right to substitute trims for similar trims of similar quality. All items are custom made individually and may have slight differences from the pictures displayed.

For clothing orders, you will be provided the measurement chart. It is recommended you are professionally measured. Please allow for height of shoes, petticoat and undergarments. It is recommended you wear these when you are measured. Although all attempts are made to provide a perfectly fitting garment, you will not be refunded for alteration fees or other fees assessed for pressing or changing your order. It is recommended you use a professional to alter your garment. You are responsible if you do not allow enough time to receive your item and have alterations or pressing completed prior to your event. For gowns, it is recommended you add additional length to your order and have your garment hemmed after it arrives.

There is a $25 return check fee and your order will not be shipped until payment is complete. Payment must be paid in full.

Return Policy Procedure
If you are not pleased with your purchase, simply contact Creative Heirlooms by email within 3 days of delivery of your item to arrange for its return and a refund of the purchase price, less a restocking fee. You will ship the item back within 3 days of the acknowledgement: The item must be returned via insured mail for its purchased price, and must be received in the same condition as when it was shipped to you with the tags and identifying marks intact. The buyer pays for return shipping and insurance. After the return has been verified it is as originally sent, a refund less the restocking fee will be mailed. Personalized items, undergarments, ice skating/dancewear is not returnable and not refundable.

Damaged Item Procedure
Please do not return items damaged in shipment, as doing so will void the shipping insurance. Please notify us and advise of shipping damage. Claims should be made through the original shipping agent. Guidelines for insurance claims vary by carrier so please check with the carrier for specific instructions. Be sure to retain all original packaging as well as all pieces of the damaged item, as the shipping agent will request to examine them.
For information on filing a claim through the following carriers, visit:
United States Postal Service: http://www.usps.com
United Parcel Service: http://www.ups.com
Federal Express: http://www.fedex.com

Restocking Fee
All adult formals: 35% restocking fee
All other items, excluding items that are not returnable/refundable and adult formalwear: 20% restocking fee
Creative Heirlooms understands that veils are difficult to deside which is right for your hairstyle and gown. Should you choose the wrong veil, and want to exchange it for a different one we will only charge a 10% restocking fee.
Minimum restocking fee is $10.

By purchasing an item, you are agreeing to these terms. These terms apply regardless if you choose not to read them prior to purchasing. All items are custom made and these terms are not negotiable.

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