Prices For Embroidery

Pre Designed Images

There is a $5 set up fee for the first image. This fee is waved on all same style designs on additional items.

Most pre designed images are approximately 3" high. Some are slightly less and some are slightly more. There are a few images that are small, approximately 1-2" high and some can be very large. If the image you are interested in is available only in the non standard size, you will be informed prior to beginning work and refunds will be given for the less expensive embroidery or a request for additional funds for larger embroideries will be available only at that time.

1-3 Color Threads
Size1-1011-2526-75over 75
LargeVaries, please inquire $10-40

4-10 Color Threads
Size1-1011-2526-75over 75
LargeVaries, please inquire $10-50

Custom Designed Images and Logos

There is a non refundable set up fee for each custom designed image and logo of $30-$50. The price of the embroidery will vary based upon different factors (size, number of thread colors, number of items). An estimate will be provided for the embroidery. Please inquire.

All sales are final after embroidery has been completed on your item(s). All payments and fees must be paid in full prior to work beginning on your order.
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